Know How to Keep Salt and Possible Rust Away From Your Vehicle

Salt can really help clear a roadway of ice, but it can also do a number on your car if you are not careful. Salt can damage the finish of your car, promote rust, and even affect the undercarriage of the vehicle if you do not do something about it. This advice from Audi Wilmington is designed to help protect your car.

When you see deep snow on the road, you will want to do your best to not drive on it. This can really impact the undercarriage of your car and lead to rust over time. This is because it becomes packed under there and is difficult to remove until it warms up outside.

You will also want to wash your car as soon as possible after a snowstorm. This will get rid of the salt that is lingering on your vehicle. Stop by Audi Wilmington and learn about more ways to protect your car from salt corrosion.

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