What Kind of Fuel Mileage Can You expect From the Audi RS 3?

When looking over the motor and transmission specs of the Audi RS 3, you might think that fuel mileage is the compromised factor in the design. What with the 394-horsepower engine delivering 354 pound-feet of torque to an all-wheel-drive Quattro system, your expectations for high fuel consumption may have some validity. However, your expectations could not be further from the truth.

The Audi RS 3 gets 19 mpg while driving in Wilmington, DE. The nature of city diving leaves the rpms below the 1700 marks where the RS 3 torque usage maximizes. So, the mpg in the city is much less. On the highway, the RS 3 gets 28 mpg due to its excellent use of torque. The combined mpg comes out to 22 mpg when all things are considered.

At Audi Wilmington, our certified technicians service your Audi RS 3 to get the most out of every drop of gasoline.

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