What Causes Oversteering and Understeering?

We’ve all experienced the alarming moment when we seem to lose control of the steering of our vehicle. In fact, there are two ways this can happen: one is oversteering and the other is understeering. We at Audi Wilmington are here to help you understand the difference between them.

Whether a vehicle understeers or oversteers is usually directly related to whether it’s a front or rear-wheel-drive vehicle. Front-wheel-drive vehicles tend to understeer, meaning the car doesn’t turn sharp enough causing it to go off the road. This can happen when the driver accelerates too early in a turn which takes the weight off the front of the car, or when the driver jerks the wheel too quickly.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles tend to oversteer, meaning the car turns too sharply and often spins out. This happens when the rear end of the vehicle fishtails or loses control. It overpowers the front end, including the steering function, and results in oversteering.

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