Tips for Detailing Vehicle Interiors

Keeping the interior of your vehicle looking like new doesn't have to cause a lot of stress. When you drive around Wilmington, DE, you want to love the appearance and feel of your car or truck, and Audi Wilmington can help. We can show you a wide array of tricks and techniques to properly detail the interior of your vehicle.

To get your carpets spotless, start by getting rid of the loose dirt and debris. If you have pets, a pumice stone is effective at loosening hair from the carpet fibers. They can cause damage to the plastic trim of your car, so be careful while using them. A regular vacuum hose with a brush attachment can get rid of a lot of dirt from your carpets.

To deep clean the carpets in your car, use a hot water extractor. Dry scrubbing your carpets before using the extractor will ensure clean carpets.

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