Stay Connected with the Apple CarPlay System

Apple is a company of prestige and innovation. It takes new gadgets and systems to the next level. It comes standard in many new vehicles today, specifically made for iPhone users. There are many built-in technologies that you will find extremely useful if you purchase a vehicle with the Apple CarPlay system. They range from audiobooks to Siri.

If you're an intellectual, then you can listen to your audiobooks at any time. Just connect your iPhone and play them with just a touch of a button. Moreover, you can listen to your favorite podcasts at any time with the SiriusXM radio app. There are hundreds of stations to choose from. If you need to talk with a co-worker about business, then use the navigation screen to make calls.

We would love for you to experience Apple CarPlay for yourself. Just bring your iPhone to Wilmington at Audi Wilmington. We will be sure to put you behind a nice vehicle to test out these features.

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