Breakdown of Significant Tire Markings

You’ve probably seen the numbers and letters on your tire sidewall perhaps wondering what they mean. Here is a breakdown to help you understand the most significant markings:

  • Letter “P” indicates a passenger tire.
  • The first three-digit number is the section tread width.
  • Letter “R” designates that it is a radial constructed tire.
  • The two-digit number following “R” is the wheel diameter.
  • Letters “M and S” indicate the tire is designated for mud and snow.

These are just a few of the markings to help you with making a decision for your next tire purchase. We’re always available to answer questions.

Contact Audi Wilmington for more information about the markings on your tires to better understand what they all mean. We can also special-order tires that may not be available through traditional tire retailers. Just speak with the staff at our service center in Wilmington, DE. They will be happy to assist you!

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