Is Kitty Litter the Most Efficient Traction Material?

The roads in Wilmington, DE become extremely treacherous during the winter. Drivers must be careful and remain prepared for any types of emergencies that arise due to hazards on their commute. Emergency kits should be prepared in every vehicle so that the people inside are able to help themselves in the case of an incident. Simple things such as jumper cables, snacks and warm clothes are all sensible items to have. There should also be some type of traction assistance if the car gets stuck.

The common agent to use is salt. However, kitty litter is emerging as option for those who are looking to make a change. Salt melts the ice around it. However, it is extremely corrosive and can do damage to the vehicle. It is also more expensive than kitty litter and harder to come by during the winter time. Kitty litter absorbs moisture around the vehicle to gain traction on slippery surfaces. Drivers in our region should contact the experts at Audi Wilmington to get professional advice on their winter travel kits.

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