Low Tire Tread Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions

Have you ever been in your car, driving down the road in the rain, and your vehicle loses traction and swerves into the oncoming lane? It is a very frightening experience and can be a very dangerous one for Wilmington, DE commuters.

Many times, this scenario is due to the fact that the tire tread that is on your vehicle is wearing down. This causes the loss of tire grip on the road and allows water to get in between the surface area of the tire and the road, which creates a very slippery surface. This can cause a serious accident that can lead to a serious medical condition. That is why it is important for a vehicle to have tires that have good tread on them in order to operate safely. We here at the Audi Wilmington dealership pride ourselves in making sure that local residents can depend on us to inspect their tire tread and replace their tires if needed so that they can be safe on the road.

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