A Road Trip with Your Teen

Taking a road trip with teens or even tweens? You will need some tips. One might think teens are easier than traveling with younger kids or don't need any special preparations. But nope. Teens definitely come with their own set of challenges and concerns to consider when planning a road trip. 

The Destination 

This plays a part in so many areas. For one thing, how long is the ride? Tweens and teens might not be keen on a long drive. But also, tweens and teens love to have input. They will want to be a part of the planning process from picking the destination to what activities to do. 

The Travel Vehicle

Don't think the vehicle matters? Tweens and teens like space. They are usually bigger in size than younger kids. Not to mention they like space in general. Leg room is important. Plus space to put all their teenage things. 


Oh you have a teen so you know they eat A LOT! A LOT! Pack lots of food. In fact, let them pack what they want to eat themselves and don't question it. Snacks, sandwiches, whatever. 


Have a teen who usually quiet or to themselves? Consider the road trip a time to get them engaged. Road Trip games might just be the great gateway to open conversation with you. They can't leave the car so give it try. 

Back Off 

Ok so since we are talking about teens, backing off is a good thing at times. Maybe they just want to play on their phones, listen to their  music, or nap? That is ok. Don't make it a big deal if your teen chooses to not talk to you on the drive. They might just surprise you and talk for a little while.


Just remember to have fun. At the end of the day it's a family vacation. Have fun even that means a quiet car ride.

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